Full of dim sum from Yank Sing, I’m off to the airport. So I’ll just open up a line. Noted:

* LIFE SUPPORT ENDED IN TEXAS: A ventilator for Marlise Munoz was turned off this morning in Texas on the strength of a local judge’s ruling. Thus ended a tragic consequence of Texas law — similar at its root to that favored by U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton — that declares life begins at fertilization. This made ending a life potentially a homicide of a fetus, even though the mother was declared brain-dead and the fetus with brain and heart conditions that suggested an inability to survive. The “pro-life/pro-family” forces, apart from Texas officials enforcing the law and forcing a family to keep Munoz alive over her expressed directives while living, have been quiet about this usurpation of family prerogatives and medical imperatives. One can’t help but wonder what would have been allowed this family in a sectarian hospital with church doctrine in conflict with end-of-life decisions by a family.