MULLING MOLL: FreedomWorks likes what it sees.

Tommy Moll hopes to be the next Tom Cotton. Jet back to Arkansas after years away and use deep-pocketed conservative money to buy the 4th District congressional seat, now that the Club for Growth hopes to buy the U.S. Senate for current Republican Rep. Cotton.

Moll promises to be a carbon copy of Tom Cotton politically as well, judging by news that FreedomWorks had chosen Moll along with a couple of other Republicans in contested races elsewhere as its favored Republican candidates.


More “economic freedom” loving than Republican state Rep. Bruce Westerman? Hard to imagine a candidate farther right than Westerman, but FreedomWorks apparently thinks it’s found one. The Republican winner faces, most likely, former FEMA Director James Lee Witt, as the Democratic nominee.

You’ll find FreedomWorks identified as “libertarian.” You’ll also find, surprise, that it grew from a group originally funded by one of the billionaire Koch brothers. Extremist luminaries such as Dick Armey, Steve Forbes and Bill Bennett (who likes big government when it comes to funding his for-profit home schooling enterprise) have been among its leaders.


Oh, and by the way, FreedomWorks has been described as an essential organizer of the Tea Party movement. Anti-union, anti-environmental regulation, anti-Obamacare. You know the drill. Hard to see what’s not to like in Westerman on those counts. Reports say financial backers of FreedomWorks have included the notorious Scaifes, tobacco interest, phone companies.