REGGIE CORBITT: Sewer Committee delays considering his employment.

The Little Rock Sanitary Sewer Committee has canceled a special meeting that had been set this afternoon to discuss Chief Executive Officer Reggie Corbitt’s employment.

Corbitt has been on paid leave for more than a month during investigations of utility expenditures, including a round of bonuses given employees in 2012 and expenditures to allow a utility employee to live in a trailer on utility property.


John Jarratt, utility spokesman, said the meeting today was canceled because an internal audit had not been completed and Chair Marilyn Perryman didn’t want to discuss Corbitt’s future without the report. Jarratt said the report might be ready for a meeting at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Jarratt said the cancellation didn’t indicate any change in the situation. He said there’d been no further negotiations relative to where parties stand. Corbitt, who had been expected to retire at the end of 2014, recently offered to resign in return for severance pay and health insurance coverage for him and his wife through 2014, according to documents obtained by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He also wants reimbursement of legal expenses. His current pay is more than $187,000, plus he gets an $8,400 car allowance.


Members of the Little Rock City Board of Directors, which ratifies mayoral appointments to the sewer committee, have expressed growing unhappiness about Corbitt. Chances of a severance package in this climate would appear slim.