RELEASE PLANNED: Of Clinton documents.

Politico reports that the Clinton Presidential Library will begin releasing papers this afternoon that had been allowed to be kept secret until last year. Some 25,000 pages are to be released in the next few weeks, with about 5,000 pages coming today. Review continues on about 8,000 pages of material.

Politico has written extensively about these papers since a round of attention to Hillary Clinton-related documents in Diane Blair’s papers at the University of Arkansas. Interest in Hillary Clinton-related papers in the presidential archives is high because of her movement toward a presidential candidacy in 2016. Media have periodically raised questions about Clinton papers. His Arkansas gubernatorial papers, researchers have complained, are also difficult to access in their repository at the downtown library. When documents have been released, they’ve produced few bombshells, though the Blair papers drew high attention for relating Hillary Clinton’s personal thoughts on such matters as the Lewinsky affair.


No executive privilege was asserted on the 25,000 pages. A final decision hasn’t been reached on the remaining 8,000 pages. 

The documents will be posted online.

UPDATE: Here’s the document link.


Not much turning up so far. Elicia Dover of KATV turned up a funny memo. Back in the dark ages of the 90s, Team Hillary talked about getting with People magazine and figuring out a way to use this Internet thing.