The New York Times put its gloss on the Clinton White House document dump at the Clinton Library yesterday. In short: Nothing new, but we have to make it seem like there is.

You will be shocked, undoubtedly, to learn that Hillary Clinton has an aversion to media. That she was a champion of women’s rights. That her staff wanted her in public more. That the health care initiative was a bummer.


Here’s the shined-up WSIGAD (the why-should-I-give-a-damn graf required in the Times):

But perhaps more than anything, the roughly 3,500 pages of documents made public by the National Archives on Friday underscored what a pivotal force Hillary Rodham Clinton was in her husband’s White House, intimately involved in the policy, politics and legislative strategy decisions that shaped Washington in the 1990s.

Shazam! Hillary was influential with Bill!


Republican candidates are unlikely to provide such a treasure trove of insider documents to mine for gotcha moments as Hillary Clinton continues what appears a determined and organized march to a race for president in 2016.

Many thousands more pages of documents to come.


I still credit Elicia Dover of KATV with finding my favorite nugget in yesterday’s release. Somebody back in the ’90s was prescient. This Internet thing could be big.