CRIMEAN MEMORY: The Soviet nuclear submarine redoubt in Ukraine is now a museum, but the Russian presence continues, now at the crisis level.

The Saturday night line is open. Foreign policy wonks will be studying up on Ukraine, Crimea and  other facets of current reality politics. President Obama has talked to Putin. Talks and diplomacy won’t satisfy the hawks, of course. Or maybe Ukrainians either. Nothing less than a cage match will do for warmongers like Tom Cotton.

The news outbreak brings back memories of my stop in Ukraine, on the Crimean peninsula, at Sevastopol. The Black Sea harbor was studded with the Russian warships based there permanently. The tour of the former  Soviet submarine pens, deep beneath rock, was Cold War chilling. The diorama museum that recreates the Crimean War was a vivid lesson on the bloody conflicts there. But Tom Cotton knows all that, I’m sure, and just what to do about it.