COCKFIGHT: Near Kelso, community marked on map at Highways 1 and 138.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission arrested 29 people Sunday at a cockfighting ring in Desha County, near Kelso. Officers investigated after spotting a number of vehicles parked near a canal on Hilburn Road, off Highway 138.

According to a news release Officers Chuck Willis and Jonathan Byrd found a large group of people around what they later determined was the fight ring. Several ran when officers arrived, but later returned.


Officers said there were 29 adults and two juveniles at the scene. The adults were charged with cruelty to animals, a Class A misdemeanor. Ten were charged with fleeing.

Officers found 20 live chickens and 10 dead chickens, as well as about $5,000 worth of farm equipment believed to be stolen. The State Police and local sheriff assisted.