NO GIRL: Colonel Reynolds.

Tea Party Republican Conrad Reynolds, a 2nd District congressional candidate who legally changed his name to Colonel just in time for the May primary, said the name change was rooted in a desire to rid himself of a name that sounded like that of a girl.


I’d noted the name change before and Reynolds’ assertion that it had nothing to do with the primary election. The timing was just coincidental, he said. The 63-year-old Reynolds is a retired Army colonel and he says people just know him as Colonel. No, Conrad doesn’t sound like a girl’s name. But that was not his given name. It was Conald, shortened to Connie, a name he didn’t like and so he began calling himself Conrad, after the actor Robert Conrad.

Reynolds’ Wikipedia entry now refers to him at one point as Col. Colonel Reynolds. (Maj. Major here: Calling Yossarian and Milo Minderbinder.)


While we’re talking Colonel Reynolds, check out his psychedelic campaign-wrapped car above.

Reynolds faces Ann Clemmer, a sixth generation Arkansan, and French Hill, a ninth generation Arkansan, in the Republican primary. November opponents include Patrick Henry Hays, the Democrat.


All this reminds me that my extended family included a Sarge, a Major and a Cap. I also wonder why Reynolds didn’t do a full Jill Dabbs and add “Republican” or “Tea Party” to his name.