The Friday night line is open. Finals words:

* WHO’S AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE FOR STATE DOLLARS: The Legislative Digest’s Benji Hardy does a thorough job here of recapping the Legislative Joint Budget deal yesterday to spend about $22 million in surplus and save $100 million for some rainy day. About half goes to correction-related costs, a high irony against the refusal to provide a little money to shore up pre-K education. Spend now or spend later to lock them up. Interesting at the front of the line was $5 million for charter school construction. The Billionaire Boys Club’s money does talk. The Waltons will match that amount to continue their drive to create dual education systems around the state, along with junking the move toward fewer school districts and less administrative duplication.


* WHO’S POLITICKING?: Interesting and unsettling story about how the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity spent $350,000 to influence — successfully — school board elections in Colorado. No disclosure of the spending was required, the AFP said, because the spending was educational, not political. Decide for yourself.