LEXINGTON PARK: Look for it in an attack ad.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today wrote about a legal dispute between John Burkhalter, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, and Kent Vestal, his partner in the Lexington Park apartments in North Little Rock. It included news, mentioned in a thread here yesterday, that a judge had agreed with Vestal that the apartments should be sold. 

Burkhalter seems likely to continue to fight the sale under the process currently envisioned. I’ve written about the dispute before and included links to key documents. It’s a case that, though bitter, likely wouldn’t merit attention but for the political candidate party.


One added tidbit today: I was informed yesterday that an out-of-state researcher with links to America Risinga GOP Super PAC that specializes in war-room style oppo research tactics, has been digging up material on the case. Coming soon to an attack ad near you, no doubt.

This is fair game and only a continuing story. Republicans have already been pumping stuff from the Burkhalter lawsuit into social media.


This is what’s interests me. A national Republican Super PAC is spending money to dig dirt in the race for LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR! This is an office so worthless Republicans are happy it isn’t being filled in 2014 at all. (Republicans are happy to keep a four-person staff including long-time GOP hacks employed doing nothing at an annual cost of $267,000.) It is, to me, an indication of the scorched-earth, money-is-no-object  post-Citizens United era of partisan politics.

What’s next? Oppo research in the race for Big Rock Constable? Shannon Hills dog catcher?


Noted: Tim “Unleash Hell” Griffin, the Karl Rove-trained Republican political hit man and vote cager, is the Republican  Party’s favored lite gov. candidate. So it could be the oppo research foray is just the return of past favors for a soul mate.