BRAGG: Begins immediately as new Republican House Majority Leader.

Shortly after today’s vote in the House electing Rep. Jeremy Gillam as Speaker-designate, House Republicans gathered at a closed-door meeting to select a new Majority Leader.

Rep. Ken Bragg
of Sheridan was the winner, topping Rep. Josh Miller in a runoff. Reps. Randy Alexander and Mark Lowery also ran. Well, there’s “small choice in rotten apples,” as a wise man once wrote. The Associated Press has more

Interesting to note given the divide within the Republican party over the private option: Bragg (as well as Lowery) voted for the private option; Miller (as well as Alexander) voted against. Outgoing Majority Leader Bruce Westerman often used his position to try to pull various stunts in his failed quest to stop — and then defund — the private option. 


If the Democrats manage to take back the House, Bragg will end up Minority Leader instead. Speaking of which — are the Democrats planning to hold a leadership election? Minority Leader Greg Leding still has another term in the House, but I bet he’d draw an opponent or two if the Democratic caucus holds its own vote.