Mike Huckabee is in Washington today pressing palms and asking for money. According to CNN, he met with 73 GOP House members (sounds about right for the ever-expanding fringe) to talk about 2016 and his possible candidacy. Sources close to Huckabee reported that he received a “warm welcome.” How ’bout that?

Mark Leibovich coined a term to describe Huckabee and his ilk in a recent New York Times magazine story: the Superhypothetical.


Like so many of today’s prospective great leaders, [Scott] Brown is keeping his options open, not ruling anything out, taking nothing off the table. He will never say never. And that is the central credo of a modern political breed known as the Superhypothetical — those professional noncandidates whose franchises depend largely on people speculating about what they might run for and their own willingness to engage in public indecision about it (all while assuring us, of course, that they are flattered and humbled by our interest). Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are the prototypes — evergreens of guesswork despite the implausibility that either will ever be elected to anything. 

The commentariat probably wouldn’t lump Huckabee in with Palin and Trump, but that’s only because the chattering class doesn’t know the number of skeletons Huck’s got in his closet like we do.