THE DUGGAR FAMILY: No panties, please.

The Huffington Post has some fun with the story of David Sterling, the relatively unknown religious right Republican seeking the running for attorney general. The North Little Rock lawyer represented the company Cupid Lingerie in a lawsuit five years ago; Cupid, in addition to selling risque undies, has a website that hawks some raunchy porn sites (Cupid advertises with the Arkansas Times). 

This is a little silly. Sterling was an attorney representing a client, which hardly means he endorses Cupid.


But you know who won’t cotton to even a whiff of panties association? Jim Bob Duggar, that’s who. HuffPo poked the hornet’s nest, informing the patriarch of the TLC reality television show “19 Kids & Counting” about the old case. Duggar’s spokesperson responded with this statement: 

Due to new revelations and recent developments the Duggar family has decided to withdraw its endorsement of David Sterling in the 2014 race for Arkansas Attorney General. The family wishes both candidates well, but will not be making any endorsement at this time. We will have no further comment on this matter.

New revelations! Recent developments! Duggar’s son Josh Duggar is executive director of the lobbying arm of the Family Research Council. Jim Bob Duggar has previously offered support for Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Hopefully HuffPo didn’t bother Duggar about Santorum’s own six degrees of sexy separation


Sterling is a fan of reality television, so this is probably a bummer.