The Partnership for a New American Economy will release a video Monday highlighting Rep. Jeff Wardlaw (D-Warren), Mayor Bill Ray Jones of Nashville, and two farmers from different corners of the state discussing immigration reform. The group, a national coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch to advocate for immigration reform, also released a new report this month on the impact of the nation’s immigration system on U.S. farmers. 

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Arkansas Farmers and Business Leaders Call for Immigration Reform

Statewide Video and New Report Shows Impact of Labor Shortages on Economy

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— A statewide video, released at the end of March, will highlight four individuals from four different areas in Arkansas where immigration reform is needed to help the local economies grow.

The video will include interviews from Rep. Jeff Wardlaw, Mayor Billy Ray Jones of Nashville and two farmers from different corners of the state. It will take viewers on a tour of local farms and businesses across Arkansas and discuss the specific needs for immigration reform in the different regions of the state.

Furthermore, a study released last week by Partnership for a New American Economy, “No Longer Home Grown” brings to light how labor shortages are increasing America’s reliance on imported fresh produce and slowing U.S. Economic Growth.

This new report shows U.S. farmers have been unable to take advantage of increased interest in local produce. The reason why is simple, America’s immigration system has made it difficult for growers to find the labor they need to harvest crops and expand production.

The information detailed in this new study draws a direct line from the money our state and nation could be making, to the need for immigration reform.

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