COTTON: Thought to be the favorite, but polls indicate the race is close.

Continuing the recent trend, another poll finds a very close race between incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor and challenger Rep. Tom Cotton

Jason Tolbert of Talk Business reports that Republican-leaning American Crossroads took a poll last week showing the race tied 39-39 with a whopping 22 percent undecided. The poll surveyed 522 likely voters and has a margin of error of 4.29 percent .


See our previous post for a model from fivethirtyeight suggesting that Cotton may nevertheless be the favorite, but particularly given the source, this is yet more good news for Pryor, who many believed was heading for Blanche Lincoln -style doom just a few months ago. 

I suppose this is also good news for local television stations. The race is looking more and more like it will be close battle, which means even more millions will come pouring in. I need an app that will black out political commercials during the NBA playoffs.