SMOOTH RUNNING: French HIll, here in his old Volvo ad, is cruising in the 2nd District.

new Talk Business/Hendrix College poll of Republican primary races shows commanding leads for two congressional candidates: French HIll of Little Rock in the 2nd District and Bruce Westerman of Fountain Lake in the 4th.

The numbers:


* 2ND DISTRICT: French Hill, 59; Colonel Conrad Reynolds, 14, state Rep. Ann Clemmer, 7. The don’t knows are at 20 percent.

* 4TH DISTRICT: Bruce Westerman, 47; Tommy Moll, 10. The don’t knows are a big 43 percent.


The winners will face Democrat Patrick Henry Hays in the 2nd and Democrat James Lee Witt in the 4th, plus some third-party entries.

Interesting. French Hill’s big money isn’t hurting him. Tommy Moll’s big money hasn’t done much for him yet. French Hill had the advantage of years as an established business and civic figure in Little Rock unlike Moll, a recent returnee for eastern education and business. Of course that time away didn’t hurt the Club for Growth’s Tom Cotton in his return to Arkansas to win the 4th in 2012.