Bobby Altes of Fort Smith, a Republican candidate for a legislative seat held by his term-limited father, Denny Altes, has spoken to The City Wire about reports of his past legal troubles and a former wife’s allegation that he had forced her to obtain an abortion. He acknowledged allegations that resulted in criminal complaints, but said he’d never been convicted of anything. Altes, who campaigns as a pro-family, anti-abortion candidate, denied involvement in an abortion.

He said the charges against him are politically motivated.


His ex-wife, as recently as this morning, has reiterated earlier statements about Altes in e-mails with me, but said she had hoped not to get involved for fear of retaliation. He told City Wire he was considering legal action.

In a Thursday afternoon (May 8) telephone conversation with The City Wire, Altes addressed the allegations in the article – which stemmed from a report first posted by the left-leaning Blue Hog Report –and said he was cleared of any wrongdoing in both criminal cases.

“There’s allegations of that, but I’ve never been charged with anything criminal, much less convicted of anything criminal,” he said, adding that “there’s two sides to every story.”

He said he was cleared of a domestic abuse allegation and he was acting in self-defense against an employee on whom Altes allegedly pulled a gun at his sanitation business.


The Blue Hog report dealt with more than these issues, detailing allegations about child support payments and paternity.

As for the abortion:


Regarding allegations by Altes’ second ex-wife that her drove he to a Tulsa, Okla., abortion clinic to terminate the pregnancy, Altes denied the charge and said if his ex-wife did abort one of his children, she did so without his blessing.

“Right, that would be against my wishes,” he said.

Mat Pitsch is opposing Altes in the primary