COMING SOON: A third oil industry stooge to add to this 2012 photo -- Mark Pryor.

Mark, Mark, Mark. We understood when Sen. Mark Pryor rolled over to join the pollution lobby’s push for the Keystone XL pipeline, which will imperil water supplies in the Great Plains to moverCanadian tar sands to Texas refineries for shipment of processed goods to China. But really. Does he have to associate with a gang like this?

The extraction industry and its wholly owned subsidiaries in the legislature and Congress have a dog-and-pony show set Monday at Welspun, the Little Rock pipe factory (which has already completed and sold pipe for the pipeline). In the group fronting the PR effort will be Pryor, his Republican opponent Tom Cotton and the oil industry’s bestest friend, Republican Rep. Tim Griffin.


It gets worse. The show includes a gaggle of Republican legislators who undoubtedly would LOVE to have a big ol’ tube of tar sands running across their property. Sen. Missy Irvin. Sen. Jane English. Rep. Nate Bell.  And one announcement listed, but another didn’t, Rep. David Meeks.

That’s five or six Republicans, the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce and whatever Pryor is that day.



It’s a restaging of a photo op Cotton and Griffin staged at Welspun for their runs for office in 2012. Now we can add Pryor to the photo.