The line is open. I’ll close (marriage ruling coming shortly on a separate post) with police news from Maumelle and some background on a shadowy group from Virginia trying to influence an Arkansas Supreme Court race with misleading advertising:

* GONE TO POT: A couple of Memphis men made at least two mistakes, presuming the account they gave to Maumelle police early this morning was accurate. Cops spotted an unmarked ambulance at gas station on Highway 365. Mistake 1: No license plate. The men said they’d bought the ambulance in Montana and were transporting it to Memphis. The lack of plate was sufficient for cops to search the vehicle. Mistake 2: The men said they’d made a stop in Denver. They loaded up on goods — cigars, candy, cookies drug patches and inhalers that deliver marijuana. Legal in Colorado. Not here. Busted — possession of controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.


* DEEP, STEALTHY POCKETS: Anyone thinking their might be a quick way to get at why a shadowy political hit squad known as the Law Enforcement Alliance of America is shoveling money into a race for Arkansas Supreme Court need look no farther than Texas. There, the LEAA has resisted for 10 years making disclosures in a lawsuit by the losers in an attorney general’s race where LEAA spent perhaps $500,000 to elect Greg Abbott. The group has lost a succession of court cases, but is still fighting disclosure.