Interesting story from KNWA about a mailer being received in Benton County that tells recipients of the voting records of their neighbors. Voting records are public records, but people are little unsettled that someone has gathered them up and told neighbors who voted when and in what elections. Particularly since no trace can be found of the Arkansas State Voter Program that mailed the flyers.

KNWA quotes recipient Scott Murphy:


Murphy said, “I thought it was something about the upcoming election but when I actually opened it up and read it I was just stunned. It’s more like a public shame is what it feels like when you read the letter.”

Murphy opened the envelope delivered to home to find his neighbors’ names, addresses and voting records with a line that read “what if your neighbors knew whether you voted?”

Murphy said, “It felt like I was being put on display. It’s like someone is trying to shame me into casting my ballot.”

Lots more needs to be known. But it has a funny smell.

UPDATE: The secretary of state’s office issued this release:


A letter claiming to be from the Arkansas State Voter Program is circulating in Arkansas. We want to inform the public that this letter was not issued or authorized by the Secretary of State’s Election Division, nor is this program from a registered business entity in the state of Arkansas.

If you have received a letter from the Arkansas State Voter Program, please contact the Attorney General’s Office at 501-682-2007.

Here’s more. The effort is linked back to A Public Voice Inc. It’ll provide you a list for your own neighborhood here. (Not working for me at moment, however.)

A friendly sleuth found A Public Voice is an Ohio nonprofit. This lawyer is the registered agent. He’s associated with anti-abortion and anti-tax groups. He also turns up as a dining partner of Paul Jacob, the Arkansas Libertarian and term limits supporter. See Jacob’s blog.