SHOW ME THE ISSUE: And I'll show you a Huck PAC appeal for money.

I’m slinking out of here. The line is open. One last fulmination on Mike “Elmer Gantry” Huckabee:

* HUCKABEE OPPORTUNISM: I mentioned this earlier with the dismissive comments it deserves. But give The Huckster credit, he knows how to spin a line that will get him national attention. Such as by issuing a Huck PAC alert about the dangerous queer-lovers afoot in Arkansas and how Chris Piazza should be impeached for endangering Republican Baptists’ way of life (fightin’, fornicatin’ and fudgiin’ on taxes, all whilst proclaiming their godliness.) But, as ever, national media pick it up.

The law doesn’t mean squat to Mike Huckabee. Back when Jim Guy Tucker got convicted, and waffled briefly on a resignation and thus kept The Huckster huffing for a while before his anticipated coronation, he talked wildly of an impeachment that couldn’t happen unless Tucker called the legislature into session. Which he wasn’t going to do. And soon shortly departed. Huck’s been made a hero for his strutting on that stage, a wildy exaggerated tale if there ever was one. We didn’t have a constitutional crisis. We had a brief moment of theater.


So again Huck wants the governor to call the legislature into session to impeach Chris Piazza. Any fool — including Mike Huckabee — knows that there’s no impeachable offense in a judge making a call that the U.S. Constittion may trump the Arkansas constitution. Higher authorities may overrule him. The process to achieve that continues apace.

Everything you need to know about Florida tax fugitive Mike Huckabee is in the PS to his e-mail. Pissed about Piazza. Send Mike Huckabee money. Last week, the message was, “Pissed about Hillary. Send me money.” Today, he endorsed Dennis Milligan for Saline County clerk (he’s running for treasurer and Huckabee failed to get the facts right). End of message — Send me money.


Reminder: The Huck PAC almost never gives money to actual candidates. It employs The Huckster political machine.