OUTSIDE THE COURTHOUSE: Shon DeArmon (left with the flag) and James Porter embrace, while waiting in line. Brian Chilson

Our sister publication Savvy Kids profiles the Moselys and their three kids in its latest issue.

On a recent spring break morning, the three Mosley siblings were full of energy. In their backyard, the girls, Meric, 8, and Cora, 3, buzzed around a treehouse that one of their moms built, while their 10-year-old brother, Breck, hung upside down from the swing set.

Back inside, a few minutes later, the doorbell rang, two playmates arrived and everyone scurried upstairs with delight.

Downstairs, talking over the muffled sounds of laughter and children’s voices, Bridget and Holcomb Mosley describe their family as “goofy.”

“We’re like the Weasleys in Harry Potter,” Bridget said. “We’re traditional. It’s hard to find anything different about us.”