GROWLER TO GO: A new rule could allow, for example, Vino's to sell its draft through growler filling stations in other retail outlets.

Southwest-Times Record has a scoop on a proposed rule change that beer drinkers will love. The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division is considering a rule that will allow draft beer to be sold in refillable jugs at any business with a retail beer permit. So far, no objections.

This will allow Arkansas microbreweries, many of which don’t sell bottled beer, to sell their draft product through grocery stores and liquor stores, not just on the site of the brewery.


A new retail liquor store in Fort Smith has plans to have a “growler filling station” at which 32- and 64-ounce jugs, known as growlers, could be filled with a choice of draft beers.

The filling stations, which I’ve seen in other states, wouldn’t be limited to Arkansas microbrews. (Could I put in a request for someone to offer PBR?)


Microwbreweries are able to sell their product on-site on Sunday. I have a question pending, but I’m guessing this wouldn’t open draft beer sales on Sunday at the other outlets.

PS — Michael Langley at ABC says beer will be capped at 5 percent alcohol by weight, 6.3 percent by volume, unless dispensed in store with retail liquor permit.