A reader sends this photo of a new sign at Little Rock City Hall announcing that concealed weapons are not allowed on premises, except when carried by law officers. This is only a restatement of long-standing law, I’m pretty sure. But the sign is new and I’ve noticed them elsewhere, such as at the fitness center in War Memorial Park.

I have asked City Manager Bruce Moore whether anything in particular prompted the new signs. An increase in the populace’s packing percentage perhaps? 


That Fort Smith mall parking lot shootout the other day, a three-way drawdown that involved two people with carry permits, might be some indication. 

UPDATE: Moore said the city was responding to questions that might linger from laws on weapons. All property owners may prohibit guns and state law explicitly exempt buildings where government bodies meet, but the law on concealed carry doesn’t include a blanket prohibition on city government property. Sounds like, from a brief note from City Attorney Tom Carpenter, that the city wants there to be no doubt about interpretation.


They didn’t say so, but the growing movement by gun nuts in Arkansas to be able to carry weapons anywhere, anytime certainly encourages clarity where possible.