Bill Clinton. Force of nature. Master explainer of the complicated. Great with a sound bite. Like today, when he was asked at the 2014 Pederson Fiscal Summit about Karl Rove’s effort — aided by Fox News — to plant the baseless notion that Hillary Clinton suffered brain damage in a 2012 fall.

“First they said she faked her concussion and now they say she is auditioning for her part on the Walking Dead,” Clinton told PBS’s Gwen Ifill. “If she does, I must be in really tough shape because she is still quicker than I am.”

Clinton said he was “dumbfounded” by Rove’s comments, which even many Republicans criticized, but that the GOP would surely continue to raise questions about her age.

“They’ll get better at it,” Clinton said. “I’m still waiting for them to admit there was nothing to Whitewater,” he added.

Bill Clinton also defended Hillary Clinton on Benghazi and mentioned that those calling for her head probably have no idea about the loss of diplomatic personnel when George Bush was president.