The U.S. attorney in Little Rock has announced a negotiated guilty plea by Patrice Duncan, 59, of Conway, one of the owners of Duncan Outdoor, to structuring cash bank deposits to evade reporting requirements on deposits of more than $10,000.

She and her husband were indicted in 2012 on 21 counts of structuring more than $300,000 in deposits. She pleaded guilty to breaking up $11,400 received for the sale of a motorcycle to an undercover IRS agent and other charges were dismissed. The agent recorded her discussing a cash payment so the government wouldn’t know of the transaction. She deposited the money in two deposits three days apart.


The charge could carry a penalty up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. A sentencing date hasn’t been set. Her husband Gary’s trial has been continued. But indications are that if the negotiated plea agreement is accepted by the judge, charges against Gary Duncan, 68, will be dropped and Patrice Duncan will face a probationary sentence.