What better way to start an open line than a salvo at Sen. Jason Rapert, the bully of Bigelow, who’s made oppression of gay people his life’s work as a legislator. It’s a letter from the Arkansas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents by its president, Martha Deaver:

Today, Senator Jason Rapert presented a resolution to the Legislative  Council that Circuit Judge Chris Piazza abused his authority in ruling that  Amendment 83 was unconstitutional. AANHR takes no position with respect to  the merits of Judge Piazza’s decision. However, AANHR wonders where the outrage was when Circuit Judge Mike Maggio, of Faulkner County in Senator  Rapert’s district, made derogatory comments on a blog regarding women, people  of color and Arkansans in general. Where was Senator Rapert’s outrage when evidence was presented that his predecessor in office, Gilbert Baker, orchestrated secret contributions from nursing home magnate Michael Morton to Judge Maggio’s campaign while Judge Maggio was presiding over a lawsuit involving one of Mr. Morton’s nursing homes? Where was the outrage by Senator Rapert when public records demonstrated that, while these secret contributions were  being made, Judge Maggio ordered that the judgment entered against Mr.  Morton’s nursing home be reduced by four million dollars?

Did Senator Rapert take any action at all? No. Instead, Senator Rapert accepted campaign contributions from Mr. Morton and his companies. Senator  Rapert makes it a point to vocally support people and issues that he holds dear.

AANHR urges Senator Rapert to stand up for the rights of our frail and elderly  citizens who reside in the nursing homes throughout this state.

Martha Deaver
Arkansas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents