GETTING READY: A screenshot of Ready for Hilary PAC;s website.

Funny. Gayle Collins of the New York Times riffs this morning on how Hillary Clinton is the country’s all-purpose celebrity, not to mention the cause of every bad happening in the world from Benghazi to the abduction of Nigerian girls.

The American economy has gone through some tough times lately. But, happily, we still lead the world in the production of corn, soybeans, beef, cheese and stories about Hillary Clinton.

That’s how Collins starts. But somehow her column never gets around to mentioning that it is published on a “Day of Action” by the Ready for Hillary PAC. There will be get-togethers around the country by some of the 2 million people who’ve signed up as interested in a 2016 run by the former First Lady and secretary of state. Disclosure: I am attuned to this because a member of my family has enlisted in the cause along with several other post-retirement activities.


There was no mention of any of this last night at the Chihuly opening because, of course, there is no coordination between the PAC and the potential candidate. And, it was said last night, her primary preparation at the moment is awaiting arrival of a grandchild. (You remember, don’t you, that Rush Limbaugh has explained Chelsea’s pregnancy was engineered to produce some favorable press for Mrs. Clinton.)

If it’s hard being Hillary, she didn’t show it in a chipper speech last night extolling Dale Chihuly’s work, some added to the White House collection while Bill Clinton was in office. Her hair looked pretty good, too.