Barry Gold

The multi-billion-dollar Walton Family Foundation has announced that Dr. Barry Gold will soon join the foundation as leader of its “environmental focus.” He’s currently director of Marine Conservation at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Said a release:


Across the country and the globe, our foundation has been working for decades to strengthen economies and revitalize communities through environmental conservation. From the Mississippi River Delta to the Colorado River Basin, and in threatened marine ecosystems from the Gulf of Mexico to the waters of Indonesia, the foundation’s work is rooted in our belief that the conservation solutions that last are the ones that make economic sense.

The Walton Foundation work in conservation has been significant in size and broad in focus. It would be nice if Waltons would piece off some of their effort in Arkansas — as they have done so successfully on education issues — and spend Walton money in the birthplace of the heirs’ fortune to elect legislators, lobby legislators and educate the public on conservation issues. Perhaps they could have an impact on public reception of such ideas as “greenways,” or voluntary efforts to preserve ecosystems, and the latest conservative hot-button, fighting designation of land as endangered species habitats. Mussels are part of ecosystems, too, after all. Maybe the Waltons could even establish a conservation research/propaganda arm at their university in Fayetteville.