ELECTED: Ronnie Floyd TWITTER/Christian Post

Ronnie Floyd, pastor of the mega Cross Church in Northwest Arkansas, has been elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

At a pastoral conference earlier, Floyd blamed a decline in membership on “cool” pastors more concerned with popular culture than glorifying God.


“Some of us have a heart to be so real with people that we just think if we’re cool enough, we’re going to get [the numbers],” said Floyd, senior pastor of Cross Church in northwest Arkansas. “We’re never going to be cool enough to win our towns, our rural settings, to win our cities, to win the nation, to win the world, to win the nations. We’re never going to be cool enough; the only thing that’s going to bring that is a binding movement of the spirit of God that comes only when we are going up to be with God.”

His Cross Church has five “campuses,” including one in Neosho, Mo.

Floyd got 51 percent of the votes  the first round of balloting. He focused on church growth and international missions in his campaign for the office. Floyd’s own church has grown in attendance and Baptists while others have experienced declines.


By the way: I note the organization is referred to as a “denomination” by some. Here’s what SBC itself says about that:

Southern Baptists are a “Denomination” only in the word’s most general meaning — a general name for a category of similar things. Churches that practice believer’s baptism by immersion have been “denominated” by others and by themselves as Baptists for many centuries. When the Southern Baptist Convention was formed in 1845, it used the term in this general way (see the preamble to the SBC Constitution). By doctrine and polity, the SBC cannot and does not unite local congregations into a single legal denominational body. Each cooperating Baptist body — local church, association, state convention, and auxiliary — retains its sovereignity and is fully autonomous.

These autonomous Baptist bodies work together in friendly cooperation to achieve common Kingdom ministries and purposes.

PS — Don’t go looking for any Ronnie Floyd outreach to gay people. He’s author of ” The Gay Agenda.” Our NWA blogger, Street Jazz, wrote about him earlier on this point.