IF ONLY: Nate Bell seems to say he won't serve more than one more term.

State Rep. Nate Bell
(R-Out There) posted this on Twitter this morning. I asked if he’d still leave after three terms if voters approve the constitutional amendment that would allow House members to serve up to 16 years. They are now limited to three two-year terms. He has not responded to my question. But I thought it was worth saving this declaration for the record.

Bell is not guaranteed a third term. He has a Democratic opponent in November, Chase Busch.


PS — I opposed term limits. I still oppose term limits even though I now find myself in the position that prompted Republicans to lead the push for term limits as a way to dislodge Democratic majorities. It is no surprise that Republicans chafe at term limits now. It’s bipartisan — pigs love slop. Especially when they control who gets how much to eat.