WHAT'S OLD IS NEW: The desire to impeach judges who uphold the Constitution.

The AP analysis on last-stand tactics of foes of marriage equality was interesting. Pin everything on a U.S. Supreme Court decision that allows a bifurcated America, with gay people equal in some states but not in others, particularly in the Blood Red South. A Washington march is transparently intended to put the pressure on the court.

But of local interest was the emergence of Florida tax fugitive Mike Huckabee, the nation’s leading opportunist, as a front-line marcher in the demonstration for continued legal discrimination against gay people. He’ll speak Thursday and he’s even out-Raperted Br’er Rapert by flatly calling for the impeachment of Pulaski Circuit Judge Chris Piazza, who held that constitutional guarantees of equal rights and due process also applied to gay people.


“When members of the judiciary act as if they were entitled to the power of all three branches of government, it creates a disturbing abuse of power,” said Huckabee. 

Yes, Bro. Mike, the segs said the same thing about Earl Warren.

Oh, and by the way: The Huckster will have an e-mail out about this shortly. If you agree, send him money.