The widely accepted story is that 20 children and six staff members were slain in December 2012 at Sandy Hook, Ct., elementary school, the worst school massacre in U.S. history.

I say “widely accepted” story because the nut fringe has developed a theory that this was a hoax invented by the Obama administration to encourage the anti-gun movement.


A Facebook video is at the root of this. Snopes has debunked it at some length.

Now the local angle: At least two candidates for state House of Representative seem to have bought into the hoax theory, based on Facebook postings today.


First there’s Wayne Willems, a Libertarian from Glen Rose, who started a long string of Facebook debate by posting an article that claims the shooting was a hoax and no one was killed.

Another  is Eddie Moser, a Libertarian candidate from Bella Vista.


I could dig up photos of bodies on stretchers and crying parents and at least one open casket funeral, but I’ll just leave this with voters in these districts: You’ve been warned.

Next: That fake moon landing.

UPDATE: Libertarians are up in arms. Having quoted Willems and Moser directly, with screen shots of their comments, I must be lying. But not all libertarians are bat**** bonkers. Here’s a comment from Jessica Bearden Paxton, chair of the Arkansas Libertarian Party:

Hey Max. I just wanted to send over the LPAR’s statement concerning your recent article:
“We strongly disavow the comments expressed by two Libertarian candidates concerning the terrible tragedy in Sandy Hook. Those views are not representative of the Libertarian Party of Arkansas and should not be construed as such. ” – Jessica Paxton, LPAR Chairman

The offending comment string, which began with that nutty article proclaiming in a headline that Sandy Hoook was a hoax has apparently been taken down.


UPDATE II: Paxton reported further Tuesday that Moser had indicated he’d be dropping out of the House District 95 race because he was moving from the district.