TRUCKING: Wes Clark with others from Grilled Cheese Truck Inc. SEC/CNBC

Former NATO commander Wesley Clark’s service on the Little Rock Airport Commission pops up in the news periodically because some other commissioners chafe at his rare in-person attendance at meetings. He’s traveling on business so much that he typically participates by telephone, with sometimes problematic connections.

What’s he up to on all those trips?


Here’s one answer: Food trucks. From CNBC:

A money-losing food truck business with ties to retired Gen. Wesley Clark recently filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to register shares worth $33.8 million.

Clark, a former NATO commander, is vice chairman of the board and senior veterans advisor at The Grilled Cheese Truck Inc., which aims to expand by recruiting veterans to sign on as franchisees.

Clark owns stock and convertible securities representing a 4.89 percent stake in the company, according to the June 13 SEC filing.

Clark got $472,000 last year as a director of the company and his consulting firm was paid $240,000. The company hasn’t been profitable, losing $6.8 million over the last two years.


UPDATE: CNBC has issued a corrected version of the article that restates Clark’s take from the company. It now says:

Last year, Clark received total compensation, including cash and warrants, valued at $472,000 from the company. Of this, Clark received $213,333 from The Grilled Cheese Company in consulting compensation, including $100,000 in cash.