Today’s unintended consequences report from Vox:

Anti-Obamacare groups that poured millions into attack ads might have inadvertently given the law a boost.

A new analysis finds states that did really well at signing people up for the Affordable Care Act tended to have higher numbers of ads denouncing the law. 

In Arkansas, the anti-1st Amendment ban on government speech about the availability of expanded Medicaid coverage — enforced by the naysayers and unending political campaign ads — doesn’t seem to have stopped signups. Indeed, insurance companies and public interest groups have stepped into the void. Let Nate Bell try to arrest somebody for helping someone sign up for benefits. The ACLU is standing by.


RELATED: New York magazine shows that Little Rock ranked near the top among U.S. metro areas for huge spending on anti-Obamacare advertising — more than $500,000 worth in 2013.

The latest figures from DHS show almost 25,000 people in Pulaski County are eligible for the private option Medicaid expansion. Many more have signed up for subsidies in the marketplace.