WELCOME: Website touts Eureka Springs as a friendly place for gay couples to visit, work and marry.

The Eureka Springs City Council will vote tonight on a resolution that reaffirms a 2012 endorsement of marriage equality and supports the Aug. 2 marriage reception celebration planned in Eureka to commemorate the marriage licenses issued in the city for a few days in May after Circuit Judge Chris Piazza’s historic ruling, later stayed.

Michael Walsh, who promotes Eureka as a welcoming tourism destination for same-sex couples at his website, Out in Eureka Springs, said half the City Council is on board and he is confident of passage. It’s a resolution without legal effect, but intended as a message to those in the county who resisted issuing licenses for a time in Carroll County and got the process stopped while Pulaski and Washington counties continued to issue licenses for several days under the circuit court ruling.


Said Walsh: 

“It’s a way for city officials to make up for keeping silent while the debacle was going on in May, bruising the city’s reputation as a gay-friendly and progressive resort town. Better late than never.”

It’s still never for Little Rock, which could learn something from Eureka. The capital city undoubtedly has, in population, the most out gay people of any city in the state, but it lacks these things that Eureka can tout: 1) A domestic partnership registry; 2) health insurance for domestic partners of city employees; 3) an employment non-discrimination ordinance, and tonight, 4) reaffirmation of its 2012 support for marriage equality.


What’s wrong with the Little Rock Board of Directors anyway? Too busy trying to prevent competition from companies providing cheaper and convenient car transportation from Uber and Lyft?

UPDATE: The Eureka resolution was adopted Monday night on a 5-1 vote.