TWO ACQUITTALS: Daniel Sutterfield. Baxter Bulletin/Josh Dooley

A federal court jury in Harrison late Friday acquitted Bull Shoals Police Chief Daniel Sutterfield of conspiracy and falsifying a police report charges in a case that said he brutalized a suspect on a domestic abuse call. The jury couldn’t reach a verdict on the charge that he’d use’d excessive force, the Baxter Bulletin reported.

No announcement was made late Friday on whether the government would retry Sutterfield on the excessive force charge.

Sutterfield remains a defendant in a civil suit by Nicholas Dore on Sutterfield’s use of an electronic stunning device and other force after forcing entry into his house, without a warrant, in July 2013 following a domestic abuse complaint by Dore’s girlfriend. Sutterfield found Dore lying under a blanket and efforts to arrest led to the use of force.


Another officer testified that Sutterfield methodically beat Dore. There was also testimony that Sutterfield was taking a number of prescription drugs — including hydrocodone, alprozolam, Ambien and Zoloft — that day