It’s another uncommonly cool day in Arkansas — 71 at mid-afternoon at my place — so who’d want to flee Little Rock this week? Well, Gov. Mike Beebe had no choice. He’s had important trade missions in London, Paris and, now, Prague. He was kind enough to send the postcard above via Twitter with his travel companion, Ginger Beebe, on the Charles Bridge.

I notice news on social media from a Republican confab in Hot Springs is full of dark talk about doing something about the Quick Action Closing Fund the governor tosses around. Next thing you know they’ll be demanding to see his travel expenses, like he was director of the Little Rock airport or something.


Do keep tabs if the dollar-watching-urge remains so strong if Asa! is dispensing the quick action cash next year.

As I should have said to begin with: The line is open


PS — It will surprise you to know that tax-cutting was the theme of the day at the Arkansas GOP convention.