More Talk Business/Hendrix College polling today, this time on congressional races:

1st District

Incumbent Republican Rick Crawford 47.5


Democrat Jackie McPherson 33

Libertarian Scott Wilhite 3


Undecided 16

2nd District


Republican French Hill 44

Democrat Patrick Henry Hays 43

Libertarian Debbie Standiford 3

Undecided 10


4th District

Republican Bruce Westerman 48

Democrat James Lee Witt 34

Libertarian Ken Hamilton 3

Undecided 15

When a relatively unknown state legislator in a sprawling district without major media voices shows 48 percent for  a GOP candidate, I’m inclined to think that’s close to the reflexive Republican vote. In the yellow dog Republican 3rd, where incumbent Steve Womack has only Libertarian opposition, he led 57-20

The usual demographic splits applied — men and independents R; women and blacks D. 

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