I’ll give you an open line with one more example of the crazy world of that good Christian senator Jason Rapert.

Let’s forget the science. Ebola’s risk has been blown terribly out of proportion, plenty of thanks due to hysterical media coverage.  But let’s get to some more elementary issues.

The sick man is a U.S. citizen. He’d been doing humanitarian outreach. We’d deny a U.S. citizen re-entry to his country because Jason Rapert has panicked?


Would Jesus establish border limits on his ministry? “I was sick you looked after me,” the Bible says. It didn’t come  with an asterisk — Not Operative in Egypt.

It’s kind of like Bro. Jason’s view of drinking. It’s a terrible scourge in Faulkner County that must be discouraged through continued ban of alcohol sales. But up in the road in Conway? No problem. And, yes, thank you he’ll accept campaign money from people who support booze next door.


Treasonous to bring a do-good American home for medical treatment?

How low can you go to find ways to attack President Obama?