FIRST FUND-RAISER: In Little Rock Friday.

Brad Howard, who works as a spokesman for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Ross, announces fund-raisers at which Ross will appear to raise money for challengers to Republican Sen. Jason Rapert and Rep. Nate Bell of Mena.

Tyler Pearson is challenging Rapert. Chase Busch is running against Bell. Rapert and Bell are among the most extreme members of the Republican majority (though some would argue this is a distinction with small difference) and both are energetic grassroots campaigners with enough time in office to accrue incumbency advantages that make them difficult to beat. But Pearson and Busch are trying.


Should Mike Ross win and these Republicans win, Ross’ effort won’t hurt him. Rapert and Bell are not likely to depart from GOP discipline in any case.

Fundraisers will be at 5:30 p.m. Friday Aug. 8 at StudioMain, 1423 Main Street, Little Rock and 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 26 at City Pizzeria & Salad Co., 1642 W. 15th St. Fayetteville. $25 contributions are being requested. This is also a good grassroots organizing tool for Ross himself.


Howard’s news release say the events are meant especially to attract young professionals in support of ” quality young professional candidates to the state legislature who are both running on good government platforms.” Said Howard:

“Arkansas has a long tradition of reaching across party lines and working together for the advancement of all Arkansans, and that’s exactly what Tyler Pearson and Chase Busch are running to do. We need to elect candidates to the General Assembly who are focused on uniting this state to create a brighter future for every Arkansan, not dividing this state to advance the agenda of a select few.”