The campaign of Tyler Pearson, the Democrat opposing Republican Sen. Jason Rapert, says Rapert has again shown he’s an embarrassment to the people he represents by his objection to giving medical treatment in the U.S. to American missionaries who’ve contracted the Ebola virus.

In a series of Tweets over the weekend, Rapert decried allowing American citizens to return to the U.S. for treatment in Atlanta. He called the decision “nearly treasonous.” Said Pearson in a prepared release:


“Yet again Jason Rapert has proven to be hypocritical and an embarrassment to his constituents in Faulkner and Perry Counties by spouting off the first thing that comes to his mind instead of looking at the facts and serving the public with credible information,” Tyler Pearson said. “If he were serving with his ministry in West Africa and contracted a disease, wouldn’t he want to be immediately evacuated back to the United State so he could take advantage of the best health care in the world?”

“As Christians we should be doing everything we can to prevent the spread of this terrible disease in West Africa and take care of our own, who are putting themselves in danger to do the Lord’s work,” Pearson said.

Rapert’s tweets echo the sentiment of recent tweets by Donald Trump who said the infected doctors should “suffer the consequences” of their risky humanitarian work. In fact, Rapert retweeted one of Trump’s tweets on the subject.

“The people of the 35th senate district are tired of Rapert’s antics and constant focus on issues that are not relevant to their daily lives,” Pearson said. “If I am elected, I promise to focus on the priorities of my constituents like education, health care, and good-paying jobs. I will work hard to earn their respect and not be an embarrassment.”

The two doctors who contracted Ebola were working with Samaritan’s Purse, a charitable Christian organization not unlike Rapert’s Holy Ghost Ministries.

The risk of contracting Ebola is very low since it cannot be spread through casual contact or through the air, but only through interaction with infected patient’s bodily fluid. The doctors are being held in special isolation units to further prevent the risk of the disease spreading.

Calm. Reasonable. Not the path to election if Rapert is any measure.