ADRIAN HENLEY: Bryant mayoral candidate.

Bryant Alderman Adrian Henley announced today that he’d be a candidate for Bryant mayor against incumbent Mayor Jill “Republican” Dabbs.

Henley says his top priority will be stabilizing city finances, but his announcement makes no specific mention of his opponent.


Dabbs’ website says she stood firmly in the face of adversity in her first term. She didn’t add that she created some of that adversity herself with special treatment for insiders (remember beer in the park and goodies for her kid’s swim team?), ethics violations and general turmoil on management issues.

I have no idea if Henley poses a threat to Dabbs politically. But I know that he’s been a thorn in her side as alderman and an election contest — given the often heated times of her term — promises to be spicy. He worked on a recall effort against Dabbs, mentioned in our cover story on the mayor. She’s accused Henley of illegally accessing records in the course of his examinations of city government functions.