BRAGGING RIGHTS: The new police substation, with added space for tenants, is a credit on Ken Richardson's government resume.

City Director Ken Richardson
filed for re-election to the Little Rock City Board today. Pam Adcock, a former state representative, filed earlier for the seat to represent Ward 2, which includes a big section in central Little Rock and a chunk of changing Southwest Little Rock, originally a working class white neighborhood that now has growing populations of Latino and black residents.

Richardson has a pretty picture to put on his resume — he played in a political role in the huge police substation on 12th Street, part of his ongoing effort to improve the 12th Street corridor.


Richardson is one of three black members on a 10-member city Board (not counting the mayor) in a city with about 40 percent black voters. Adcock is white.

UPDATE: Also today, Director Erma Hendrix filed for re-election to her Ward 1 seat and Robert Webb, a frequent board critic, filed to oppose her. Herbert Broadway also filed for the seat. A three-way is good news for Hendrix. These elections are decided by a plurality vote. There will be no runoff.