Here’s another report of how much political influence the billionaire Koch brothers can buy with the hundreds of millions they are pouring into political organizations.

It doesn’t stop with the presidency and Congress, as Arkansas well knows. The Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity has been working diligently to take control of the Arkansas legislature, with significant strides in the Arkansas Senate and many allies in the House, as evidenced by the numbers that use the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council to pick up Koch-agenda cookie cutter legislation and talking points. (The AFP is the outfit that employed Phyllis Bell, wife of state Rep. Nate Bell, as a contract worker.)


PS — Here, by the way, is a report on the recent ALEC marching-order conference attended by several Arkansas legislators. Get a taste of what our people will be bringing to the Ark. legislature in 2015.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Center for American Progress has catalogued Koch-backed efforts at the local level to the detriment of local schools, mass transit and other grassroots operations.  The full report is here.


It’s not mentioned in this report, but we’ve mentioned before that Koch influence has been evident in Arkansas in their fight against Maumelle watershed regulation.