MOONLIGHTING: Alvey Matlack works for Fort Smith police and also operates a private business that offers services to people who run afoul of the law.

Blue Hog Report, otherwise known as Little Rock lawyer Matt Campbell, is back delving into suspicious circumstances on the part of public agencies and officials, this time the Fort Smith police department. As ever, Matt takes a while to get around to his points, but here’s the nub of the latest (Campbell’s been feuding with Fort Smith officialdom — historically resistant to oversight and the Freedom of Information Act — for some time.)

Alvey Matlack, who’s employed by the Fort Smith police department as a computer expert and who helps the department work on use of computers for child porn and the like, also runs a side business in which he advertises help to people charged with using computers in child porn cases. He lists the Fort Smith police department as the address for his business. The hours of his private business are listed as 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, which would appear to conflict with his public job, unless he works 40 hours nights and weekends.


Campbell notes a city policy about having outside work that conflicts with city employment.

If past is prologue, the city governing body will ignore any complaint Campbell should bring about the matter, as it did with questions he raised about a private law firm’s practices in handling city business.