KENNETH STARR: If Republicans do plan to investigate Benghazi for more than two years, I think it's time to bring in a man with experience in long-running witch hunts.

Democrats are concerned that a Republican-led investigation of the Benghazi deaths in 2012 will stretch into the 2016 campaign season.

Of course it will. Whether it’s a Republican candidate going after a Democrat’s four-year-old in Little Rock or national Republicans slow-walking a repetitious probe to damage Hillary Clinton — that’s all the Republican Party knows how to do. Investigate and personally attack. It’s CREEP-ily Nixonian. 


The New York Times noted that the congressional investigation of the 9/11 attacks took 18 months. The report on the response to Hurricane Katrina took a year.

But Hillary didn’t figure in 9/11 or Katrina. Those happened on George W. Bush’s watch. Benghazi might take four years from attack to congressional report, just in time for the 2016 election. If Hillary Clinton is elected president the investigation could continue until 2020.


Only one thing is missing to perfect this scenario — Kenneth Starr.