Here’s today’s open line and video news roundup. One other item:

* MORE TO COME ON DEBT COLLECTION: A lawyer calls out attention to this decision today by the Arkansas Supreme Court. It answered questions posed by a federal court. The Arkansas Supreme Court said a business met the statutory definition of a collection agency when it bought delinquent accounts and retained a lawyer to collect. Also, the court said such a business is required to be licensed by the state Board of Collection Agencies. The questions arose in \ a lawsuit challenging collection efforts by Cavalary SPV and a law firm on a credit card debt in Jackson County. A default judgment led to a wage garnishment against the woman fighting the action. Cavalry wasn’t licensed as a debt collection agency. With the questions answered on Arkansas statutory interpretation, the action shifts back to federal court. Our source says this ruling could have massive impact. It could lead to a class action suit over debt collection practices and widespread use of garnishment to collect.