Dr. Robin E. Bowen, new president of Arkansas Tech University, made Little Rock media rounds today and she had some news to brag about — Tech has risen to 3rd in enrollment among Arkansas colleges and universities, behind only the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University.

Tech said it has 12,003 students, counting on-line enrollees — with 9,831 at Russellville and 2,172 at the Ozark Campus.


The UA reported 26,237 in a preliminary count. ASU reported 13,135. 

Tech moved ahead of UCA, which reported 11,698 students, and UALR, now at 11,681, down from 12,377 when it ranked No. 3 last year.


The article now reflects editing changes from an earlier post which included full-time equivalent figures as opposed to head count figures for at least a couple of schools. To avoid any confusion, I’ve reverted to counts given by the universities until final Higher Education Department figures for all are compiled.