UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson today named Bob Denman, the school’s vice chancellor for advancement, to be interim athletic director.

Chris Peterson resigned after 13 years as director after  making raunchy remarks about a female soccer player’s mother during a broadcast of a game that was supposed to go out without sound.


Denman, a 14-year UALR employee, will continue in his advancement job. Petersons’ resignation is effective Monday. Said a release:

“I made this choice to appoint Bob after conversations with more than two dozen persons, including all of the head coaches,” said Anderson.

“Vice Chancellor Denman can do more than keep the ship on a steady course. He is already well acquainted with the Department of Athletics, its fan base, and its donor base. His deep experience in leading and managing people in his private sector career and during his years at UALR equip him to provide broad leadership immediately.”

Chancellor Anderson said Denman will serve until a new athletic director is in place, with January 1, 2015, as the target date.

Anderson said he hoped to have a search process underway by the end of the month. Denman is a 1974 UALR grad and former vice president at KARK TV.